Growing up I wasn’t interested in participating in any form of physical activity. My parents always tried to come up with new ideas and signed me up for many different local sports teams with h
ope that I would start to enjoy being active. But I was just not interested. I preferred drawing, watching tv and playing with whatever craft project I’d started (which I still love doing). Sometime during my teens I think my parents gave up. They had tried for years and my sports loving dad probably accepted the fact that his daughter just didn’t share his passion.



One day, when I was 22 years old in 2012, I got an invitation to a pool party and I don’t know where it came from but it hit me like a lightening bolt. I suddenly decided to do something about my lousy body confidence and I joined a gym. Since I didn’t have a clue of that to do with all the gym equipment I chose the kind looking crosstrainer. What started of as something good and healthy quickly became not so healthy any more. I went to the gym every day, sometimes several times a day, and I was obsessed with counting my calories. Luckily I got bored with the cardio and hired a personal trainer to help me find new things to do at the gym. He introduced me to strength training and nutrition and I fell in love with them both. I remember telling him that he must have the most rewarding and fun job ever.



I completely deep dived and taught myself as much as I could about nutrition and training. Eventually I found a happier and more balanced way to practice my passion and I started helping friends and colleagues with workout and nutition plans. After about a year I decided to make my passion my livelihood and since January 2015 I’ve been working as a personal trainer, nutritionist and health coach.

My fitness journey started of with a vain and superficial goal but now revolves around feeling happy, confident, strong, centered and beautiful.


I’d love to help you get your fitness going! Send me a DM on Instagram, comment below or use this contact form to get started.

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