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Since I started working as a personal trainer and health coach I’ve met hundreds of people who want help with their training and the most common goal that I hear is wanting to loose weight and/or look fit. But as we go along with our training the goal almost always switches to wanting to feel strong, energized, capable and just overall happy. This is where the idea of Happier Fitness started growing. Because if we feel all these things we probably will get fitter! When we have good energy and feel strong and confident it is fun to workout. And having fun is a very important factor in reaching your fitness goals, regardless of what they might be.

Living a healthy lifestyle should be easy, simple and fun. Not compete with your everyday life but rather be a part of it.

Exercise, nutrition, sleep and a balanced mind are the basics of a happier and healthier life. With Happier Fitness I want to help you get these things in place for the long haul. Happier Fitness isn’t about a specific way of healthy. It’s about finding the perfect way for you to be healthy so that you can reach your fullest potential and feel happy with how you treat your body and mind.

– Eat clean, stay fit and have a burger to stay sane.


I’d love to help you get your fitness going! Send me a DM on Instagram, comment below or use this contact form to get started.


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